This is the thrd post of my semi-daily recap of all 50 runs on the way to the 2017 Boilermaker. It is going to be a short post format with just notes that we can review. Enjoy!

4x800 on the Treadmill... not that bad I guess

Hello! I slacked over the weekend on getting posts up, but for the most part we haven't slacked on our runs! Since my last update, we've done a 4x800 treadmill training day, a 3 mile run on Monday, and a 5 mile run yesterday! Unfortunately we did miss our long run over the weekend, which was a major let down, but we had a great travel weekend in Utica and Albany.

  • Run 4: 4x800 - Success!
  • Run 5: 6 Mile - Failed (Did not attempt)
  • Run 6 : 3 mile - Success!
  • Run 7 : 5 mile - Success! 

Right now we are currently at 5 out of 7 runs complete, only missing a 1 mile run and our first long run. 

Notes from Monday's 3 mile :

This was a game time decision after Ellie's fitness class on Monday, but before training with Carley. We got to the gym early so ripped off the 3 miles before our push day. Important to note that I did not wear the right underwear, but running by the Niagara River was pretty. 

Notes from Tuesday's 5 mile:

This was a challenge. We are struggling to find good running spots around our house. There are plenty of quiet side streets, but they really blend together and can be kind of disorienting. We ended up finishing the 5 and having to walk about 10 minutes home. We might scale back some of the distances on our plan, because it was a little ambitious.