Anyone who has tried to eat healthily knows how hard it is to stay on track when going out, celebrating holidays or special events, and even just trying to be social at work. This past week, I faced all of those things. AND I DID NOT GIVE IN! Just to toot my own horn, I am really proud of this. I may have been a little obnoxious during the past week as I turned down basically everything offered to me, but I stuck to my guns. (Read about the origins of that idiom here, and read about the one in the previous sentence here! #idiomsfordays)

The quintessential snack for Girl Scout meetings in fall. Also sugary temptation at the office.

I noticed that Jon and I were a bit more stressed out from work and—related or not—imbibing a bit more than we had earlier in the summer. We were also not very interested in cooking when we got home, so we were eating out a lot and basically falling into old habits. But! We have a wedding coming up that we are both in, and we want to ~lewk gewd~ for pictures cuz they last forever and might be on display in someone's house at some point. So we're kicking it into high gear. Just in time for all the delicious fall goodies to pop up everywhere. Here's a breakdown:

Ellie faced doughnuts and cider at work for September birthdays (of which I am one); a boat ride for work with free drinks, pizza, and cookies; a hot dog party for work with mountains of hot dogs, baked beans, pasta salads, and homemade desserts galore; a bachelorette wine tour; and week 4 of football (stunning Bills win, btw).

Jono faced multiple rounds of free doughnuts at work; Oktoberfest beer Friday at work; pregaming with the guys before hockey; the hot dog party for Ellie's work; and the same amazing Bills game.

Saying no is really hard. Eating is such a social activity that when I said no, I almost felt like I shouldn't continue to be there. I know I shouldn't feel that way and that no one is thinking I should leave, but it's hard to not take part in that communal activity and still feel like you belong (especially when you super awk like me). For the boat ride, hot dog party, and bachelorette, I realized I felt so much better holding a cup or can of seltzer water because then at least I felt like I was participating more fully. What also helped was the support from others. For the football game, even though there was beer, our hosts also had apples and we brought a veggie tray. For the wine tour, I brought seltzer, and a friend of mine made sure I had a fresh one at all times so I didn't have to keep explaining why I wasn't drinking. Allies make it easier!

So after successfully avoiding alcohol, sugary treats, and carby-liciousness at all the events of the past week, we're feeling really good! We grocery shopped last night, prepped our lunches, cooked some applesauce, and even made a pumpkin egg bake to take as breakfast for the week.

Look at all those Weggies veggies!!

With a solid goal of the wedding this month, I'm confident we can keep this up at least that long. Maybe we'll even be able to continue eating and drinking like we have been and make it *gasp* a lifestyle!?! Who knows. We have old habits and they seem to resurrect themselves over and over again (maybe with some help). But I like how I'm feeling, and I think Jon has noticed improvements, too. It's been enough to motivate us so far!