Happy 2018!

I want to wish everyone a great new year and happy holiday season. The past few weeks were a ton of fun, full of friends family, and exciting changes on the horizon. Also, THE BILLS MADE THE PLAYOFFS. Who could have asked for a better ending to an otherwise bizarre year.

I think it's clear that the most exciting thing to happen in 2017 was that the Buffalo Bills are officially playoff bound (sorry for all those who had babies, marriages, or any other major life event . . . the Bills are in the playoffs!). I can't fully articulate the sheer bliss that the entire City of Buffalo is currently experiencing. Everyone is cheerful, despite being back at work in arctic temperatures in white out conditions. I was flooded with messages from family, friends, and everyone I know with feelings of extreme happiness to close out the year. It was pandemonium.

If 2018 continues how it started, I am very optimistic that it will be a great year. As many of you know, my parents are planning a move out to our family's favorite vacation spot on Cape Cod, so while it will be difficult to leave Albany, I am excited for the new adventures that having a permanent camp out on the Cape will bring. I hope that it will bring many bike rides and potential triathlons to the family. 2018 will also bring a couple of family weddings, including Adrienne! You know what this means folks, we will have to train hard to look real good in our wedding attire!!! 

As I look toward 2018, I do want to make the blog more of a priority than it was in 2017. Hopefully fitness, finding a good balance between work and play, being healthy together, and having fun will be the theme of 2018.