When Jon first started 2 Fat Nerds many moons ago, he did it because he needed some outside accountability to help him realize his goals. The 2 Fat Nerds platform helped him become a writer, a half marathoner, a triathlon-er, and an inspiration to a lot of people, including myself. He worked hard over years to cultivate and maintain an encouraging community of family, old friends, and new friends that had the same goal of working towards healthier habits.

When I started writing posts for 2 Fat Nerds I did it for the same reasons Jon did. The energy I got from sharing my stories and publicizing my goals always helped me reach my finish lines. Over the years I have had periods where I was more on track with my fitness goals than others, and while I haven't analyzed the data, I am willing to bet that those periods are pretty closely linked with how often I was writing on this blog.

It might be cliche to start up again at the beginning of the calendar year, but as Jon mentioned in his last post, this is a big year for us. With many exciting events coming down the pike, its important that we are moving our best and using our energy and strength to help us stay positive and motivated.

I started my new year with a renewed commitment to my yoga studio. In a class full of new sweaty faces last night, I down-dogged into 2018 and was invigorated by the energy I felt in that room. What workouts have you gotten in so far this year? Share 'em, get AFPs, let's keep each other moving.