Since it is a brand new year, and we here at 2FNS love to keep track of numbers and publicly shame ourselves, I wanted to quickly let everyone know that on Wednesday the Weigh-In Wednesday post will be making a return!

Historically, every Wednesday I collect information using our tracking system. Workouts can be logged and kept track of, points awarded (AFP), and weights can be logged. On Wednesday I aggregate all of the information and make graphs to show the world our progress as a group.

Last year was pretty bad for every one of us, except for one person! Susie S. was the only one who had maintained her streak, and submitted her data without ever taking a break. In fact, she has worked out at least three days a week for an absolutely mind-blowing 237 weeks straight! That is over 4 years straight without ever missing a week! I am going to have to start a 2FNS Hall of Fame, because that is surely deserving of some sort of award. Awesome job and thank you for being the most dedicated member of the blog 🙂 

In an effort to rejoin her in the chain-game, we will restart the weigh-in posts on Wednesday this week. Try to get your information submitted by about 1pm on Wednesday, shoveling counts! I am going to try to run some updates on the mobile submission site as I know it's fallen out of date, so feel free to text or message any stats you want to submit.