Welp, we signed up for another race! To kick off the year, Ellie and I will be running the 2018 Penguin Run 5k, which benefits the Cradle Beach Camp. The Cradle Beach Camp is locate on the shores of Lake Erie, in Evangola New York, just south of Buffalo. It provides a summer camp and retreat for children with disabilities and those that come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

The 5k is January 28th, at 11am in the North Towns if anyone else is interested.

Here's the link!

Ellie and I got away from racing in 2018. We only did a handful of events, and dropped out of the Boilermaker. That being said, we did set a 15k PR, which is incredible to think about considering we probably had our lightest year of running yet. Don't tell Carley, but I think strength training did help us through to the finish line on that one.

Our goals for 2018 is to get a lot more races in. We have a few friends that expressed interest in running, as well as possibly triathlon's . . . so if anyone is interested in signing up for races let us know! Chances are if we are in town we'd love to do it with you.

Happy Friday everyone, crush the weekend and get some workouts in!