Sorry, this post isn't a tell all of my deepest darkest secrets. I literally spent the weekend cleaning out my closet, the basement, and doing some renovations at my parents house in Albany. All those squats must have helped because despite going up and down the stairs a billion times, I can still walk today!

Jeff flew in from Baltimore, and with my dad, we tackled some DIY projects. We knocked out a wall, which is always fun, and put up some fresh coats of paint. On top of all of that, we also hit the slopes at Jiminy Peak for a lovely above-freezing evening session. Overall I'd say a pretty productive extended weekend.

Cleaning out my things from the house got me thinking about decluttering and organizing my own house back in Buffalo. We have cabinets full of race bibs and medals, and drawers full of race t-shirts.  We have a habit of stockpiling things that are sentimental to us in the moment, like my desk full of yoyos and wallets (apparently I collected them). It was kind of fun going through things with my mom and trying to figure out why I kept certain things. In the end though we did discard or mark for donation the vast majority of stuff.

I think moving forward, i'm going to try and be mindful of the things I bring into the house. Maybe if I set a PR on Sunday at the Penguin Race, i'll keep the shirt. If it isn't my best race, maybe not!