Today started out like any other day. Ellie and I were the usual 30 minutes late, and traffic was moving well. The commute in was uneventful, and I even got to run an errand before work. It was all fine and dandy until I sat down at my desk. The universe then sent me message, and apparently it was that my time has run out on my get-back-into-shape avoidance.

Ellie was sweet and said that at least it was a cheaper belt . . . but still, not the best way to start a monday morning. I guess it is time to really get back into running!

Speaking of running, Ellie and I, and her friend JZ completed the Penguin Run! It went very well and they did great! First race of 2018 in the books.

We are planning on finding another race for February to do, so if any of you are signed up for one, or are planning to do one let us know!