Hello all! I wanted to do a quick post to publicize my baselines heading into the next ten week training block as we get ready for the MiniMussel sprint triathlon 

  • Mile Time: 00:09:38 (04-23-18, moderate effort)
  • 5K Time: 00:33:24 (04-27-18, moderate effort)
  • 750M Swim: 00:20:43 (04-24-18, moderate effort)
  • Bike: Currently untested due to inclement weather
  • Weight: ~208lbs

I wanted to post the moderate effort note because i wasn't specifically going all out, or trying to set my best. These times were all part of our normal training, which is a good indication of where I am at.

For goals, I'd like to get my mile time to low ~9:00s (or much faster if it is a pure mile test). For my 5K time, i would like to drop that to ~00:28:00 on race day. For the swim, realistically if I can shave off about a minute i'll be happy. For bike, my only goal is to have it stop snowing long enough to get my bike out of the garage. And lastly, weight, I would ideally like to get sub 195 before race day, so I have some serious work to do!