As i'm recently back on the wagon to this whole fitness thing, I've been using my trusty Garmin Forerunner 10. This watch has been by far the most indispensable pieces of training equipment I've had over the past 5 or more years. Thanks parents for the present!

Garmin watches sync up to a system called Garmin Connect. Because my watch is a bit older now, I still have to use a USB-to-watch interface with an application to sync my workouts. This is definitely not a big deal, though I believe most of their newer watches operate on WiFi/Bluetooth and can communicate directly with apps on smartphones. I did download the Garmin Connect iPhone app, and it is pretty decent. Once I feed my workouts into the computer, it does sync to the phone automagically.

One of the neat features available inside of Garmin Connect is the ability to use pre-set workout plans. I opted to follow a beginner triathlon plan, and it loaded directly into my Garmin calendar, and also to my gmail calendar (though only 30 days at a time to gmail???).

The plan itself is a bit strong for a beginner in my honest opinion. The pool distances can be a bit much, and the runs are a little tough. For example, on Monday we were supposed to run for an hour, which is a little bit long for only a few weeks into a beginner program.

The only other thing I do not like, is as you can see from the schedule, for some dumbass reason Swim workouts populate into the calendars as "Notes" rather than workouts. This is clearly a bug, which has been discussed on the Garmin forums for years. Like actual years. Hopefully at some point they fix this. This is more of an annoyance than anything serious. But still.

Anyways, I'm digging their new revamped look. It is certainly much better than the older Garmin Connect. If any of you use it, join the 2 Fat Nerds group!