Last night Ellie and I were at the pool getting some laps in and working on my abysmal somersault. Like literally it took me over thirty minutes to be able to do one. While we were swimming there was a full team of synchronized swimmers working on learning an underwater maneuver. We couldn't help but watch in between laps as they dove down, in what looked like an effort to launch one of them above the surface. Holy crap it was crazy.

Their coach sat on the sidelines with some sort of microphone and underwater camera. As we swam we could hear her counts and instructions beneath the surface. It was pretty amusing.

Anyway, that sport looks impossibly hard, being underwater doing all sorts of maneuvers with like 15 other people. I have a hard enough of a time trying to do a simple somersault to propel myself off the walls like the professionals do. There were two other lap swimmers who were very good at that maneuver, so I watched and tried to replicate... but that move will certainly take a while to get right.