This past Friday we ran the Greek Fest 5k. This year was pretty cool because it was a return for the race after a four-year hiatus. It is a great local run, and we are glad it is back. This year was also organized by a friend of ours, who did a fantastic job of coordinating the race. Congrats to her and her team for putting together an awesome event.

The race went well for our group. We had a 2nd overall finish, a 2nd age group finish, a first 5k race complete (congrats to Brindy for crushing his first race!), and a personal best! Although Ellie and I didn't earn any of these accolades, we did a solid ~30 minute run which is about right for where we are at training wise. I think it was a little bit of a reality check for us that we need to get back into running more consistently, especially in anticipation of longer races later in the season.

Five kilometer races are an interesting beast. They aren't quite long enough to spend the first mile warming up, but go out too fast and you may pay the price by mile three. It makes me want to focus on my speed training more, and really focusing on getting my time back down. Sounds like a summer project!