Over the weekend a collection of brave souls from Buffalo headed over to Seneca Lake to compete in the Mini-mussel triathlon! Ellie, Miranda and Hannah formed up the Buffalo Gal's relay team, while myself, Brindy and Alex competed in the full sprint triathlon. It was an awesome weekend full of friends, racing, wineries and competitive card games.

Hyzy literally takes the best photos

We all did well, despite the blazing hot sun and high humidity. Here are my splits comparing Tri-in-the-buff and Minimussel.

  Jono Tri-in-the-Buff Jono Mini-Musselman
Overall Place 92 of 162 378 of 595
Gender Place 69 of 103 219 of 289
Age Place 8 of 10 21 of 34
Swim 00:24:34 00:16:06
100s 00:03:10 00:02:09
T1 00:02:35 00:03:14
Bike 00:46:04 (12.4m) 00:59:05 (16.1m)
MPH 16.28 16.28 16.24
T2 01:29 02:19
Run 00:35:06 00:36:17
Mile Pace 11:19 11:20
Overal Time 1:49:48 1:57:01

I had a MUCH better swim this race, almost laughably so. I did have a complete melt-down on the run though, and really, really struggled. I think the heat caught up to me and I just didn't have anything left in the tank. Work to do!

Thank you to everyone who raced with us, and to all the volunteers who made that race a blast. We had a ton of a fun, and we are already considering on doing it again next year.