Update on the Zwift Sessions! A couple of weeks ago I did a post about biking in secret in my basement using a system called Zwift. Zwift for those of you who haven't read my last post, is an interactive virtual biking system that uses sensors on my actual road bike to estimate distance, speed, cadence, and wattage. I have been taking advantage of their built-in training plans to get my feet wet into bike training for the first time, and whew, is it hard work.

I am currently entering into my fourth week of training on a plan called FTP Builder. FTP is a measurement of how much sustained power I can put out on a bike over the course of an hour. They measure output in wattage, which I plan on doing a detailed post later on. So many new metrics to keep track of! Each session has a structure, like riding at a certain output for 4 minutes, than switching to higher or lower power for short intervals. Depending on the night, I might be doing an hour at a relatively easy power, while other nights are all about short intense bursts.

I am currently 14 workouts into the plan, with 7 left to go. I have only missed two workouts total over the past 4 weeks, which as many of you know for me is actually a minor miracle. Consistency is my major problem, so this system has so far been working really well. I did miss last night's workout, but I am nursing a sore knee and didn't want to push it too much. I am back on it again tonight.

There are tons of plans on Zwift that I am excited to try out, and it is extremely motivating to see some of the huge workouts professional triathletes are putting on Zwift. Ride On!