Remember a time when each Wednesday, I would harass all of my friends, family, and loose acquaintances for how much they weighed? Male or female, old and young, no one was spared from the potential public embarrassment that was this blog. Fun times right? I've decided that one of the things I wanted to get back to doing was the weigh-in post, because if nothing else, it let me be conscious of my week-to-week weight changes, and long term trends. So with that, here is my weight chart.

As you can see, I've been way, way heavier -- and way, way lighter -- than I am currently. This morning I weighed in at 210 on the dot, which is about +22 pounds heavier than my target weight. That is certainly a ways to go, and will take a year or so to get down to that. Better get started now!

My plan is to start logging my workouts and weight regularly again, and I am in the final process of switching over the back-end of the blog to wordpress, which means the end of the old tracking system (more on that to come this week). If any of you are interested in joining me again on this journey, I'd be happy to have you! Leave a comment and I'll be sure to get your data transferred from the old tracking system into the new one.

Ellie and I are also scheming some fresh ideas for the blog, so check back in more regularly!