On Thanksgiving, Ellie, Jeff, Adrienne and myself woke up to a brisk Baltimore morning and made our way over to the Waverly YMCA for a good ole' fashioned turkey trot! None of us have been running, so expectations were low, but we had a blast!

Before the race, we did a quick tour of the inside of the YMCA, really just to stay inside and keep warm. The YMCA is a pretty awesome facility, complete with a pool, rock climbing wall, spin rooms, dance rooms, and I'm sure many other amenities that we didn't catch a glimpse of.  Nearing go time, we  hustled outside and found our place among the dogs, strollers, and many other people in turkey outfits with Chef's chasing them down the street. The atmosphere was quite festive and fun.

The race itself and the volunteers were awesome. The course was fun too, a down and back around lovely Lake Montebello.  Adrienne and I ran together the whole way, doing intervals of 1:30 minute runs to 0:30 second walks. That strategy worked pretty well for us, sticking to it almost the entire race. Jeff and Ellie took off and both did quite well together too, with Jeff finding a burst of energy at the very end to pull slightly ahead. Considering none of us have run even remotely recently, we all did pretty well. I think we all felt it the next morning when we woke up, but hey for not training, I think we were all pretty happy with how we did.

Afterwards, Adrienne treated us to a full thanksgiving dinner, and a few days of fun times. It was overall a great way to spend the holiday.

Race Results

  • Adrienne :  42:57
  • Jono : 42:56
  • Ellie : 30:31
  • Jeff : 30:21