With the new year, my number one resolution is to put real time and energy into the blog again. To do this, it really starts with the Weigh-In Wednesday posts. The whole point of this blog was accountability from the very beginning, and not doing the weigh-in post is not a very good way to be accountable.

So to level with you all - my personal weight is through the roof. Yesterday I weighed in at 220.4. This is the highest I've been since my initial weight loss. In fact, I haven't been this heavy since November 23rd, 2011. That was way back when this blog first got going. That is pretty unacceptable to me, and when I saw the number on the scale I was pretty devastated. For a long time, I kept saying that I need to get the blog going again to help motivate my friends and family, but that moment on the scale made me realize I need to get the blog going again for myself. I'm an all-in kind of person, and I need to go all in on getting back healthy and in shape. Ellie and I have a lot of goals, and being fat won't help us accomplish them.

There is a silver lining, we have been exercising, and i'm no where near as in poor shape as I was back then. We were able to bang out a fantastic 10k time at the start of December for our race in Cleveland, and we did back-to-back 4 mile runs on the Cape with no-ill effects.

Anti-Fat Points!

People have been submitting their workouts again, and I'm very excited to start posting these plots again. I'm in the process of updating the back-end of the blog, but for now, here are the points for last week, and our monthly leaderboard.

As always, if you did workout and want to submit your workouts, go for it! The system is automated so next time I pull the records from the database you will be included.

Reminder -- each week we shoot for a minimum of three-days-per-week and at least 100 AFP.

2019 Goals!

I asked a few members what their 2019 goals were, and got some great responses!

  • Jono
    • Sustain a loss of .5 pounds a week for all of 2019
    • Stop going to Tim Hortons / Starbucks
    • Grocery shop and cook at home more
  • Ellie
    • Work out four days a week
    • Cook dinner at home every weeknight
  • Adrienne
    • Lose 46 pounds by the end of the year (you go girl!)
    • Enter in the "normal" BMI range
  • Linda
    • Lose a pound a week
  • Donna
    • Sustain a loss of .5 pounds a week
    • Get into Yoga!
  • Scott
    • Rehab back and other ailments
    • Stretch frequently

If anyone else has goals they'd like to declare, leave a comment!

Thanks all for supporting me over the years, I'm excited for what 2019 has to bring.