In less than a few months' time, I will be sitting with Ellie and our friend Jen in the hot springs of Iceland. While that sounds amazing, and I am looking forward to it, I have quite the beer belly going that promptly needs to be addressed. Aside from diet and exercise in general, the dreaded core workouts are back.

I have a long history of absolutely hating ab workouts. Ellie loves them, often cueing up "8 Minute Abs" on YouTube for us to both do. It's intense, and I hate it.

Hey, gang. This workout is both effective and awful.

Now, I hope you all have time to click and at least jump through that video, because (A) it's production value is through the roof, and (B) it is a blistering workout if you go all in.

Ellie usually gets very frustrated with me during ab workouts because I tend to give up midway through a set. It's difficult because I am not even close to on her level, and our differences in ability are pretty stark. I struggle with my tight hips, where she is able to do all sorts of crazy pilates movements. I struggle with pushing through the pain, where she is able to crush it. It has been a difficult thing to do together, and usually ends in me giving up and her getting pretty peeved. It's the one type of workout that I've never really gotten good at, and it's always been a very tough thing to do together, which sucks because Ellie really enjoys it.

I do want to get on her level, and I have a lot of work to do before Iceland. I need to focus, get my hips moving, and try to make it work. Besides, what's more motivating than wanting to look all right sitting in hot springs in a foreign country?