Hello Everyone! Another Wednesday is here, and you know what that means, the dreaded weigh-in! Let's just dive right in to the main event, weights over-time.

Not bad everyone! I know getting through the weekend stalled a lot of our efforts, but no one gained week-to-week! The hardest part for me personally is saying yes to fun social things with friends, while not completely blowing up my diet. I also know the two of you have been traveling, which is always difficult. Keep it up though, progress is being made!

Anti-Fat Points

Each week we ask users to submit their workouts to our tracking system. When workouts are entered, AFP (or anti-fat points) are awarded. If you want in on the game, submit your workout!

Darn it Ellie! Your kickboxing class put you ahead of me. Next week I will retake the lead! (Probably not because you are absolutely crushing it.) I'm excited to see elite 2FNS member Susie back in on the action. She has been by far our most consistent user since this blog was founded, and it means a ton that you are still reading and taking part. Thank you!

A little bit of housekeeping notes to end this weeks weigh-in. I am experimenting with simplifying some of the back-end code for how weight, workouts and AFP are calculated. If you notice any values out of wack, let me know! Also, I am working on being far more consistent with blog posts. The goal is to get back to the regular monday-friday post schedule. I try to get the post up before noon each day, but it really depends on how much time I have the night before to write.

Anyways, happy wednesday everyone! Keep it up!