Hello everyone for this weeks addition of Weigh-In Wednesday! Each week members are encouraged to submit their workouts, and weight for weekly accountability as we post the results for all the world to see. Let's get right to it!

Overall, we had a mixed week. That's okay, because one bad week never hurt anyone! Consistency is my big theme for 2019, so as long as we are consistent (in a good way!) results will come. Take a little bit of time to think about the struggles of the past week, was it travel, special occasions, house guests? Was there a bad cheat meal that you are paying the price for?

Anti-Fat Points

Anti-Fat points are awarded based on how long and hard of an effort a workout is. For those of you who are nerds in the audience, read up on metabolic equivalents. For the rest of you, let's dive right in to the plots!

Awesome job to Mom and Susie who passed the 100 AFP goal for the week, and to Ellie who is crushing her workouts left and right. As a reminder, 100 AFP is the goal, which roughly equates to 30 minutes of moderate activity like jogging, a few days a week.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Let's get it done next week, and as always, if anyone else would like to get involved in the weekly plotting let me know!