I love Buffalo at the end of January. The Lake Erie monster knocks on our door step, making everyone rush home from work early and grab a six-pack of their favorite beer. Our local politicans even instruct our city's residents on how much to buy, based on the late Mayor Jimmy Griffin.

Winter arrives tonight. Nothing we can't handle considering it will at worst be a 6 Pack or Case of OV Splits Storm on the "Griffin Scale." Here is the scale as I originated in 2014 #GriffinScale #BuffaloLovesWinter pic.twitter.com/Cbmt8c91xC— Mark Poloncarz (@markpoloncarz) December 5, 2017

In all seriousness though, it is going to be super cold out, making any outdoor activities very challenging. We are fairly confident hockey will be cancelled tonight, and Ellie's fitness classes were also already cancelled.

Weeks like this make me extremely happy Ellie and I have been working on our home gym setup. Aside from my bike trainer hooked up with Zwift, Ellie's got her elliptical, which I am happy to report has been an AWESOME purchase, one that she uses all the time. We also have some kettlebells, a bench press, and bar with squat rack. The biggest thing we need to do is actually expand the useable area to fit all of the equipment. Sounds like a good winter project . . .

Good luck out there, stay warm, and stay safe!