Buffalo rarely shuts down from a snow storm, but today is one of those days. We got the message last night that the university was shutting down, and just like when I was a kid, I ran around the house screaming my head off.

Per-usual here at 2FNS, Wednesdays mean weigh-in days. Lets dive right into the weight-loss chart. If you would like to be included on this plot leave a comment!

I know both Mom and Adrienne are traveling today, but that's okay! When they get their next measurements in the plot will be updated. Overall, January has been a good month for all of us. I know people have been more consistent in getting out and being active, even if it isn't represented on the scale.

Anti-fat points are awarded to all who submit a workout to the system. Think of it as a score for your workout, and it is based on how long and how fast or hard a workout is. Let's take a look at the weekly and monthly totals.

Congrats to Susie who met the monthly goal, and to Dad and Mom for hitting the weekly goal! As always, Ellie has been absolutely crushing it too!

I think January was a strong month. We dusted off some of the cobwebs, and we are starting to get this thing rolling again. Let's push into February with the same energy and hopefully see more results!