Today is the last day of the first month of 2019. To recap what my theme for 2019 is, everybody say together, consistency. I've struggled with my fitness goals and keeping my weight where I want it to be for the past few years now. With the arrival of 2019, Ellie and I set our goal to really make this year count. We have a ton of ideas for races, the 50x4 series, and a couple of triathlons, which means we have to get our fitness and weight in check. The only way to do this is through hard work and consistency.

This past month, I've really . . . really doubled down on this goal, and although a couple of days were light sessions of yoga and rehab work, I (assuming I workout tonight!) have hit my goal.

Orange numbers are my weight over this month, the blue boxes with white letters are all the workouts I've submitted to the system.

Every day over the month of January I did some form of exercise. Whether it was the structured training sessions on the bike using the Zwift app, a couple of swims in the pool, or hockey a couple of days a week . . . each and every day I made an effort to do something. I'm not pointing this out to brag, but rather to bring up some of the things I noticed over the course of the month.

Rolling with the punches.

A lot can happen in the span of one month. Dinner invites out, a camping trip in the middle of a winter storm, feeling a little under-the-weather or tired. All of these things are GOING to come up in the span of a month. I learned that I had to really prioritize my goals, and make the workouts happen. On some days I had to rush home, get on the bike, and pick up Ellie all within a narrow one-hour window. Instead of punting on the workout, I am proud of myself for making the time.

Taking it easy when I had to.

A few of you might have noticed that on some days, I scored relatively low points. These are days that I really had to pump the breaks and do a half hour to an hour of light rehab work. Either stretching, yoga, foam roll, whatever works for you. Anytime I felt truly tried, or like a cold was starting to form in the back of my throat, I took a lighter day. I didn't want to ruin the month by getting sick!

Being Social

Having Ellie by my side really made it a lot better for me. On days I was lacking motivation, she would get me into the basement. On days she was feeling a little lazy, I was fixated on getting a workout in. Having a workout partner that is fully on-board is a tremendous help. We both encouraged each other to get the job done, and I just wanted to give her a shout out 🙂

February Goals

Looking ahead, consistency is still the name of the game. Tomorrow I will introduce a fun little project Jeff, Ellie, Adrienne and I are going to do, which could involve more people as the month progresses! Although I don't think I will shoot for every single day in February again, I am kind of liking doing something active every day. I think mentally it's given me a big boost, and the weight-loss has been good too!

Okay! With that, let's all bid January adieu, and make February count!