Woke up to incredibly icy streets and trees today! Be careful out there, everyone!

As per the norm here at 2 Fat Nerds, each Wednesday is a weigh-in day, where we publicly shame encourage our members to share their workouts and weight numbers for the past week. It's all about accountability, and earning those sweet anti-fat points! Let's dig right in to the weight chart.

Well, first, a huge shout out to Mom who posted an awesome number! Myself, on the other hand, pulled off a minor miracle after the week I had. First we had two snow days, in which I promptly destroyed my back shoveling snow (and which I am still on the mend from). Pair the reduced activity with unlimited food all day long while at home, and you've got a nasty combination. On top of that, add the Super Bowl, which is typically a junk-food binge, and I was set up to fail horribly this week. Over the last two days, I worked my tail off and was extremely diligent with my food to at least get back to last week's total. I did post a 0.2 pound loss, which I chalk up to a major victory. My personal goal is to ALWAYS post a loss, no matter how big or small. I'll take it.

Anti-Fat Points

Points ares given out to everyone who submits a workout to our tracking system. The type of activity, duration, and intensity all factor in to how many points are awarded. Let's take a look at this weeks totals.

Awesome job, everyone. We are starting the month off strong! The goal each week is to hit 100 AFP, for a monthly goal of 400. Huge props to Susie, who scored a ton of points this week, too!

February Challenge

This month, Adrienne, Jeff, Ellie, and I are challenging each other to go the distance, literally. From Buffalo Harbor to Baltimore Harbor, we are trying to go the full distance between our two cities! This week, we covered 57 miles of our journey. We've got a long way to go, and we might need to step up our game a bit. Our total trip is 339 miles, which means we are about 17% into our journey.

That's all for this week's weigh-in! I hope everyone enjoyed the unseasonably warm temperature spike as a little teaser for the eventual spring to come!