I cracked myself up with the title of today's post. I've been bicycling quite a bit on Zwift over the past six weeks, closing out my first full FTP Build program. With only two workouts to go, it is about that time that Ellie and I are switching gears (get it? like a bike gear?) from our offseason routine to a little bit more race-focused structure. Our first push will come in April with a road race (more on that later).

Our current plan is to have a balanced training program, structured something like this:

  • 2x Bike or Cross Train
  • 1 - 2x Swims ( Technical Focus)
  • 3x Running (Speed, Tempo, Long)

I'm actively trying to avoid set days for activities, because I've found through my experience with Zwift that by having the workouts be a bit flexible (48 hour window) to complete, I am way more likely to complete them. Previously if I missed a run that was scheduled for Wednesday, it was a nightmare to reschedule. With six planned workouts a week, and possibly one extra swim day I think we can get everything done.

The biggest thing, and I probably sound like a broken record, is consistency. We both really want to nail these workouts and use the first four week training block as a gauge for where we are at. If the plan needs adjustment, I want it to be because we need more or less time running, not because we missed our workouts.

Happy Friday everyone, make the weekend count!