Happy Weigh-In Wednesday everyone! Per the usual here at 2 Fat Nerds, each week we dive into the stats to publicly shame all of our members inactivity. To the weight chart!

Overall, mixed results! Congrats to Mom who posted a loss, and to Adrienne for having a good weekend in NYC! My personal progress has been limited the past couple of weeks, though I am still on a downward trend. That's the name of the game I suppose.

Anti-Fat Points

Every workout is credit towards losing weight, thus anti-fat points are awarded. Time, distance, effort, and type of workout are all taken into consideration. Hint, hint, go cross-country skiing if you want to earn some serious points!

The goal is 100 AFP a week, and a monthly total of 400. Looks like a bunch of us are on pace for the monthly goal this month, keep it up!

Buffalo to Baltimore Challenge!

This month, Adrienne, Jeff, Ellie, and I are challenging each other to go the distance, literally. From Buffalo Harbor to Baltimore Harbor, we are trying to go the full distance between our two cities! This week, we covered 109 miles of our journey. This brings our grand total to 166 miles on the month. We’ve still have a long way to go, as our total trip is 339 miles, which means we are about 48% into our journey.