No matter how light a light beer is, too many beers makes for a bad weigh-in. As usual on this blog, Wednesday is for stat checking! If you would like to contribute and get involved, feel free to leave a comment, create an account and get moving!

Looks like Adrienne took weekly crown of top loss, while Mom and I gained a little bit. Not to make excuses, but a little four-year-old had a birthday, and I had a pond hockey tournament, so I'm sure that didn't help our causes! Good job Adrienne, next week we will catch back up.

Anti-Fat Points!

All workouts submitted on the blog award anti-fat points, which represent the progress towards . . . being less fat? I don't know, but thanks to everyone who have been submitting their workouts!

I'm going to assume Mom and Dad did SOME sort of fitness they didn't log, but otherwise . . . what happened! Awesome job to Susie who hit her weekly goal of 100AFP, and for Jeff and Adrienne for getting their workouts in. Apparently Ellie crushed it last week too!

Buffalo to Baltimore Challenge

Well! I totally dropped the ball and took time off from my normal bike rides in lieu of resting my legs for the hockey tournament, so this week is going to be a TOUGH climb to hit our goal. Our total trip is 339 miles, and we added only 41 miles this past week, bringing out total to 207 miles, or 61% there with one week to go! Let's do it!