I came across a SUPER interesting (ok I am a nerd) post about income / cost of being a professional triathlete. Professional triathlete Cody Beals, shoutout to Guelph, Ontario, has posted each year of his professional career his income and expenditures on his blog, and it is a really interesting read.

Triathlon isn't exactly the most lucrative sport out there. Compared to the insane contracts by other professional sports, triathlon is barely on the radar. A breakdown of the 2017 triathletes income has only 12 athletes over the 100k mark, which is insane if you think about the amount of training and athleticism that goes into winning those kinds of races.

To dive into Beals' budget, His total earnings for 2017 was around 50k. He made 20k earnings from actual racing, and 30k in sponsorships. And he isn't a slouch either, he recently won Ironman Mont Tremblant, so he is at the top of the sport. We aren't talking huge money at all.

Qualifying for a mortgage as a pro triathlete is also no mean feat due to the unpredictable and volatile nature of my income. Despite demonstrating reasonable income and a large down payment, I still required the Bank of Mommy & Daddy to guarantee the mortgage. My broker joked about how many trees were killed to assemble the truckload of paperwork in my file.


I'm not going to dive into the nitty gritty of the numbers, but it does put the sport of Triathlon, and really any professional athletes job into perspective. We always hear about the mega super star contracts, but for the vast majority of professional athletes, the money really isn't the draw.

Anyways, I don't really have a refined analysis of this, I just thought it was kind of a cool post and thought I'd share it. Follow the link if you find it interesting too! Happy Friday! Go out and crush the weekend.