Happy Weigh-In day everyone! As always, Wednesdays are for weigh-ins, and public shaming. I am pretty happy with the month-end rally everyone seemed to have, and thanks for getting your data submitted on time!

I'm very happy with this weeks data points! We all posted a loss, woooo! I'm glad we ended the month on the right foot, and hopefully we can build momentum into March, as the weather gets better and better.

Anti-Fat Points

Workout, submit workout, get points. Super simple! The goal is 100 points a week, 400 points a month. Who doesn't love earning points!

Wow, Ellie absolutely crushed it in February. In the end, I just couldn't catch her. Congrats to Susie too for hitting the weekly and monthly goal! Jeff and Adrienne put a solid effort in too, and I'm sure they will hit the goals in March. As for the rest of you, pick it up!

Buffalo to Baltimore Challenge!

At the start of this month, Jeff, Adrienne, Ellie and I took on the challenge to travel from the Buffalo Marine Basin to Baltimore Inner Harbor. A trek on foot that is 339 miles in length. Last week we were about 60% of the way there, and had a serious amount of work to do. But!!! I am happy to report, we CRUSHED it this week, and went the distance! We ended up with a total of 341 miles. The funny thing is, last night I thought we were a mile short (stupid math rounding error) so I got on the elliptical and did a quick mile. Oh well!

It was a team effort, and a diverse group of workouts to get us all the way there!