Happy Friday, and more importantly, happy March!!! We are almost to spring, although the recent dumping of snow in the northeast has us feeling otherwise. As February wrapped up, we finished our challenge strong and made it from Buffalo to Baltimore! This month, in order to encourage my parents to get their butts moving a little bit more, we are going to rope them into quite an uphill challenge. This month, we are going to try and cover a distance of 444 miles, from the Inner Harbor in Baltimore to the lovely Red River Beach on Cape Cod.

This is going to be a bit harder than last month, as we are adding only two people to the team, but we need to cover over 100 miles more. This means everyone will have to really put in the effort. If it's looking like we are going to be short of our goal, I might call on the rest of the 2FNS community to join in on the fun.

I think these challenges have been really good for us. I looked at the breakdown last month and saw how much Ellie stepped up her game, logging over 22 hours of working out over the month. That's 4+ hours a week of activity, which is fantastic.

Anyway, as today is the first day of the month, let's get ahead early on and log some great workouts this weekend!