On Saturday, Ellie and I braved the cold and driving snow to complete our first ever Shamrock Run in the Buffalo first ward community. It was, to summarize simply, awesome!

Pretty bib!

We had a pretty late night prior to racing, so we were super fortunate that the race didn't start until noon. Although I don't recommend staying up late before racing, we had good reason . . . Ellie won a gold Addy award! She worked on a branding campaign for an awesome local restaurant, and it took the top spot!


The race itself also went extremely well. We finished in 49:36 for a 5 mile course, which was a pretty great feeling. The first mile was PACKED with people, so we were a bit behind pace at first, but we had a very strong mile 2 and 3, and finished mile 4 strong too. I would say this is a race PR for us, but this is the first 5 mile race we've ever done . . . so I guess that counts?? It was kind of a strange distance, but hey, we crushed it.

Notes for next year: this course has literally the only hills in the entire city of Buffalo . . . and by hills, I mean highway overpasses, and several of them. Anyways, it was an action packed weekend, with a lot of success!