How on March 6th, is there a windchill of -6? Doesn't mother nature know we are hard at work, training for the first spring races of the season?

Welcome to this weeks edition of Weigh-in Wednesday, where we pull the stats out of the database, and I send out harassing text messages to my friends and family to give me their weight. Let's dig in!

Okay! Well, not the most productive of weeks for the three of us, but hey, at least we aren't back sliding like crazy. I know my diet has been really... not very good, especially with the sudden arrival of several boxes of girl scout cookies.

Anti-Fat Points!

Workout, submit workout, earn anti-fat points. Woo! 100 is the weekly goal, 400 is the monthly goal. Go out and crush it.

Not too shabby Ellie! I am hoping that some people have yet to submit their workouts . . . 🙂

March Challenge! On to the Cape!

This month we are travelling from Baltimore to Cape Cod. This trip is a total of 444 miles, of which we completed only 40 miles . . . a truly embarrassing start to this journey. Better step on the gas this week or we will be in some serious trouble!