Welcome to Bog Manners!

After nearly ten years and 1,156 posts, we are officially retiring the 2 Fat Nerds name and brand. But do not despair! We aren't going anywhere—in fact, our plan is to be posting a bit more regularly, with a wider variety of content to come.  

So, the big question: Why the name change? To be honest, times have changed quite a bit, and our goal has always been to be as inclusive and welcoming as possible. The old identity focused on the weight loss journeys of me and my buddy Brian, and then it grew into a much bigger community than we ever imagined, full of people interested in running, cooking, and triathlon-ing. Over time, the name didn't quite match what we were all about.  After much thought and debate, and even some focus-group testing, we arrived at our new identity.

Bog Manners . . . what's the story there? Well it's a little bit of an inside joke with my family that I'll fill everyone in on. There used to be a restaurant in Albany, NY, called the Cranberry Bog. This was a fancier restaurant than we typically frequented (looking at you, Golden Corral), so whenever we went to "the Bog," my parents asked us kids to use our "Bog Manners." Basically this meant to act right. So why name the blog this? No real reason honestly—I just think it's funny, and that's enough for me!

We hope you come back and check out the new look, once we get it all figured out. We're excited about what the future holds for this blog and this community of amazing, supportive people. Until then, use your bog manners.