Taking advantage of optimal weather while we were out on Cape Cod, Ellie and I set out to conquer the Cape Cod Rail Trail this past week. The rail trail is probably the single greatest feature of Cape Cod—aside from the miles of beautiful sandy beaches, of course. Nearly uninterrupted, this well-maintained paved path runs for approximately 25 miles, with another extension into Chatham that's about seven or eight miles long. This provided a great playground for us to find our bike legs after a long Buffalo winter.

Over the last week, we were able to knock out virtually all of the rail trail, with our longest ride just over 20 miles. The only major hiccup was that we forgot our fancy padded bike shorts, so by the last ride out to Chatham, we were feeling the bumps in the road a little bit more. Not bad, even still! 

It was pretty nice to find a little bit of a fitness routine again, and we are excited to get more riding done in Buffalo. We are fortunate to have an impressive rails to trails system as well (though honestly, nothing I've seen compares to the Cape Cod Rail Trail). Although my Zwift workouts have helped me maintain a basic level of bike fitness, getting out and riding again blows any virtual session in my basement out of the water.

If you're able, I highly recommend hitting a trail or bike path in your neighborhood this summer for miles of exploring!