About Adrienne

Adrienne is a Baltimore based blogger who is focused on healthy cooking using real ingredients and is working towards her long-term goal of finding balance between fitness and healthy eating.

I’ve been in denial about my fitness needs…

When Jon first started 2 Fat Nerds many moons ago, he did it because he needed some outside accountability to help him realize his goals. The 2 Fat Nerds platform helped him become a writer, a half marathoner, a triathlon-er, and an inspiration to a lot of people, including myself. He worked hard over years [...]

Explore Baltimore: Or Just Outside [Gettysburg, PA]

One of my good friends from college is the daughter of a local television meteorologist. When I told her that we were moving to Baltimore she let me know that according to her father, the mid-Atlantic has the nicest and most hospitable climate. When we moved here in mid-July I thought that she must have [...]

The Last Five Years: 2 Fat Nerds Turned 5

2 Fat Nerds turned five last week. Looking back on the past five years, a lot has changed. Jon started this blog, lost a bunch of weight, ran a few half marathons, inspired a bunch of people, bought a house, and is saving the world. A few things have changed in my life too. I’ve [...]

Better Homemade: Roasted Beet and Swiss Chard Risotto

Every Sunday morning during the summer, the Baltimore Farmer's Market and Bazaar sets up under a stretch of I-83 in mid-town Baltimore. Here, local farmers show up to sell their produce, fresh eggs, fresh meat, flowers, and herbs. There are also food trucks and carts, local vendors selling homemade candles, mead, decorated hula hoops -- [...]

Explore Baltimore: Gunpowder Falls State Park

Since we're new in these parts, Jeff and I have been looking for ways to get out and explore our new city and region. And since we've recently been buying a lot of furniture for the new apartment, we've been looking to do this exploration as inexpensively as possible. What's free? Hiking! But seriously, more [...]

Take a Nature Pill

Every year around this time it gets really cold and really snowy and I start to think my part of the world was always like this and it always will be. Winter blues take over because Spring will never come, so we shouldn't even get our hopes up. This winter has been different in the [...]

Ready, Set, 2016!

Hello Fat Nerds, it's Adrienne! It has certainly been a while, hasn't it!? I don't even remember the last time I posted, which is a pretty bad sign. My successful weight loss and fitness progress have always directly correlated with how often I write on this fabulous blog. And, as you can see from the [...]

Update: Lifestyle changes are hard but rewarding

After reading Ellie's contribution yesterday about her desire to adjust her lifestyle to accommodate healthier choices, I have been inspired to share what I've been up to since I dropped off the face of this blog. A few things have happened. I had a mild panic attack during a 7-mile training run before I decided [...]

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