Yeast Confections: Brewing an Oktoberfest Märzen

This is the first post in a new series we have lovingly titled Yeast Confections! We are going to document our brewing, baking, kombucha-making, and microbial explorations semiregularly! The cycle of beer continues with the successful depletion of our Scotch Ale (a.k.a. Girvan Bevy). With that, I called up the crew to make a new [...]

Why We Ditched the Boilermaker, and a Recap of Run 716!

Last time I wrote a blog post, I was covering our early stages of training leading up to the Boilermaker 2017. As many of you know, my entire family ended up transferring our bibs and registered our first (unofficial) DNS. Coming to the decision to drop out was not easy. The Boilermaker is one of [...]

The Journey to a Stronger Upper Body Begins!

As I am slowly approaching my target weight (only about seven pounds to go), Carley our trainer at Mustache Fitness and Barbell, has been encouraging me to focus on my upper body strength. Though I have seen progress since beginning last fall on my arm definition and strength, I am a long ways away from [...]

Half-Marathon Training Schedule and A Snowy Long Run

Training season has arrived. So too, apparently, has winter. With our first official week of half-marathon training in the books, our not-so-friendly Lake Erie Monster has returned, just in time for our long run of the week. Our training program for our fourth half-marathon is a bit different from previous, due to the addition of [...]

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