November Challenge Results!

Back at the start of the month, I threw down a team challenge. The goal was this: Final Goal :  300 miles As a team, over the course of November (Between November 1st to the 30th) we will collectively walk and run (treadmills included) a total of 300 miles. So, how did we do? We successfully [...]

Push-Up Challenge!

Right before vacation, I agreed to take part in a Push-up Challenge program, where the end goal of 7 weeks of labor would result in 100 consecutive push-ups. Though I was slightly derailed by vacation, I am recommiting myself to the program, mainly to avoid owing Brandon and his wife dinner at an adequately fancy [...]

July Challenge Results!

The July challenge, though we came up short, was still a success! We submitted 32 unique workout types as a group, including the following: ArcTrainer Insanity Tai Chi Bocce Kettlebell Tennis Calisthenics Paintball TreadmillRun Canoeing PickleBall Ultimate Frisbee Cardio Class Pilates Walking Circuit Training Qigong Water Aerobics Cycling Running Weight Training Elliptical Soccer Yard Work [...]

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