Each Friday we will bring you a post on our favorite thing, food!

Reframing The Way I Pass On Food

As I was shopping for Whole30 compliant food at our local grocery store, which basically means buying an entire shopping cart of vegetables that I don't really want to eat, my mind drifted toward earlier in the day when I was presented with free sushi and wraps. When offered by one of my co-workers, I [...]

Yeast Confections: Sourdough Starter

In our quest to eat more healthily, I've decided to try making—and sustaining—sourdough starter. Again. This time, hopefully successfully. We've found that Jon's stomach seems to be able to handle some homemade glutenous goodies, such as his tomato-basil bread. So we thought sourdough might also work because it's fermented, and that's supposed to be good [...]

What We’re Eating: Flourless Zucchini Banana Muffins

We went grocery shopping last week with the intention of making zoodles at some point. We have yet to make said zoodles, and the zucchini we got is heading toward inedible but not there yet! Because of this, we decided to make zucchini muffins at midnight! Knowing that we run a blog focused on healthy living, I [...]

What We’re Eating: Israeli Couscous Salad

This recipe is adapted from Womanista Wellness (formerly SkinnyMom), which can be found here. Jon and I have been menu planning for a few weeks now, and it's been helping us stay on track like nobody's business. We've packed lunches very consistently, eaten out less, and spent more time together in the kitchen. And we're learning all [...]

February Update! 13 Days In!

On February 1st, I set a goal to eat clean for 28 days. With a list of banned foods courtesy of my buddies at work, and a lesson in public fat shaming from our trainer Carley, I was sufficiently armed with more motivation than I have had in an awfully long time. And the good [...]

Apparently Public Fat-Shaming Works!

As many of you have probably seen, my trainer raised the ante on Wednesday by making me write my weight on the wall. He then proceeded to tag me in a facebook post asking my friends and families to throw me under the bus any time they see me eating pizza, beer, and any other [...]

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