Half-Marathon Training Schedule and A Snowy Long Run

Training season has arrived. So too, apparently, has winter. With our first official week of half-marathon training in the books, our not-so-friendly Lake Erie Monster has returned, just in time for our long run of the week. Our training program for our fourth half-marathon is a bit different from previous, due to the addition of [...]

Sports Nutrition: I Still Can't Stomach Those Gels

Now that we're running longer distances, it's time for us to use energy chews/gels again. I always get really excited when this happens because WE GET TO EAT WHILE RUNNING! I love eating, so this is a win for me. When we start pushing more than an hour of running, we bring along tasty treats. [...]

Revisiting Our Running Playlist

Last week, Jon posted on the anatomy of a good running playlist. As a follow-up to that, I decided to explore my go-to playlist to see what makes up its backbone. I found that I'm nearly ready to put some tracks on the back burner for the time being. Don't get me wrong; I still [...]

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