Reviewing Years of Data in One Plot: Training Peaks PMC

Right before the COVID-19 pandemic completely changed the world, I was training for my first marathon. During that process, I started to upload my data to a training platform called Training Peaks. This tool, popular amongst both amateur and professional triathletes is designed to ingest workout data and provide an estimate of overall training load. [...]

App Review: Untapped!

One of my most recent app installs on my Android is a beer tracking app called Untapped. Its slogan, Drink Socially,  is a pretty good indication of what this app is about. When you drink a beer, snap a photo, give it a rating, and post to your friends. Pretty simple concept that relies solely [...]

Plugin Review: StayFocusd

In my constant search for more productivity at work, I stumbled upon a brilliant Google Chrome plugin called StayFocusd. I realized through my previous work with RescueTime that I spent far too much time on certain websites, mainly Facebook and I needed some way of blocking these from my browser that would not be [...]

Tech Tuesday: Physics Stops Chafing.

Today's installment of Tech Tuesday has been a long time coming. Ellie has demanded I take a look at one of the best inventions ever created. The Centrifugal Force Generator, a.k.a., the Bathing Suit Dryer. Neighborhood Bathing Suit Spinner. If you've ever been in a kitchen full of unitaskers, you have probably seen [...]

Application Review: Anki Flashcards

Flashcards are a powerful tool when trying to commit things to memory. Recently I've had a renewed interest in building my German vocabulary base. After reviewing my daily productivity, I decided that I had some time where I could fit in quick, two-minute sessions of flash-card review. Most of the tools and commands used when working [...]

Tech Tuesday: Expresso Upright Stationary Bikes

Being a member of the Buffalo JCC has its benefits. The first and foremost, is the gym equipment is absolutely phenomenal. Today I want to take the time and review one of the more interactive pieces of equipment that I have been using recently, The Expresso Stationary Bike. I've used these bikes many times over [...]

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