Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can take part in 2FNs?

Anyone and everyone! The 2FNs community includes everyone looking to start a more active lifestyle, and keep track in an easy and friendly way.

2. When are Wednesday stats due?

All data needs to be submitted by 10:00 am on Wednesday morning in order for it to count for the past week. Data submitted after this deadline is still kept, though it is not guaranteed to be uploaded to the main blog.

3. How do I submit data?

Data can be submitted by registering on the Tracking Site, This site lets you keep track of all of your past workouts, and is constantly in development. Your information is kept on a private server.

4. How do AFP points work?

Anti-Fat Points are a way for us to compare how much our members work out in any given week. They are based off of Metabolic Equivalency Task values published in the 2011 Compendium For Physical Fitness. Submit a workout, and you will be awarded AFP points, that will be graphed on Wednesday.

5. Why is my data not in the RSS feed?

Data is not automatically in the RSS feed, to protect a members privacy. Only those users who would like their workouts displayed will have them show up. If you would like your data displayed, leave a comment on the blog!

6. The tracking system does not have the workout I like, can I add it?

Yes! Please let us know what you are interested in keeping track of, and it will be added to the tracking system. We are always looking to improve our system.

7. I ran a race, and I want to publish the results on the race tracking page!

Post a comment with the race details and we will publish it right away!

8. I don't run, but I still want to take part.

Running is not the only way to get in shape, and we like when other workouts are logged. We are working on making the tracking system better and friendlier to other workouts. Please feel free to log and get AFP points!