50×4: New York! Boilermaker 15K

Welcome to the second post of 50×4: Fifty Bagels, Fifty Dates, Fifty Races, Fifty States! That’s right, folks: we're attempting to race in all fifty states (and DC and maybe some other places)!  New York: Utica's Boilermaker 15K, July 14, 2019. What a beaut.Giant copper kettles no longer in use at Saranac.Maybe we'll add fifty [...]

Bagel Fast Is Complete!

After one month of going cold turkey, I gleefully stopped at Dunkin Donuts today for a dozen bagels for my work-mates. They got me through the past month of no-bagel, and it was only fitting to reward them. I must admit, after eating a couple today my stomach did hurt quite a bit. I think [...]

I Had A Dream About Bagels.

Last week I went public about my bagel-crisis. I've sworn off of them for the month of November, citing my growing health concerns. I promised to the world that I would not purchase, nor eat any. I had a dream in which I broke my promise. I ate two delicious cinnamon raisin bagels smothered in [...]

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