50×4: New York! Boilermaker 15K

Welcome to the second post of 50×4: Fifty Bagels, Fifty Dates, Fifty Races, Fifty States! That’s right, folks: we're attempting to race in all fifty states (and DC and maybe some other places)!  New York: Utica's Boilermaker 15K, July 14, 2019. What a beaut.Giant copper kettles no longer in use at Saranac.Maybe we'll add fifty [...]

I Miss Jet Lag.

In September, we had the opportunity to travel to Europe with my dad, and we enjoyed two weeks driving across Germany, into Austria, through Liechtenstein, and lastly to Switzerland. It took us about two days to acclimate to the time difference, but we were soon in the German swing of things. For exercise, we walked a bunch [...]

All the Vegetables. And Juuuust a Little Beer.

I posted last week about wanting to make positive change. I also promised to update on our progress. I am happy to say that, after a successful and expensive grocery trip Sunday evening, we have eaten pretty clean for the past twenty-four hours! We spent the first half of the day with Jon's parents at [...]

Buffalo: A drinking city with a football problem.

In honor of Buffalo Beer Week, I thought I'd quickly talk about my experience this past weekend at Resurgence Brewing, Buffalo's newest beer garden. We went to Resurgence during their Experimental Kegs and Eggs event. Resurgence is located on Buffalo's recovering west side, which slowly but surely has been adding absolutely fantastic restaurants and offerings, including [...]

The Great Pumpkin Beer Battle, and Training Your Brain

I had planned to review six pumpkin beers for today's blog post, but halfway through the first one I decided that I really don't care for pumpkin beer. It just doesn't do it for me, not in the slightest. Instead, after a couple of episodes of the office and a delicious attempt at an apple [...]

Food Friday: Beverages, those sneaky …

This coming weekend is going to present an interesting challenge. A family friend's wedding, as well as my sisters 21st birthday party, the bills game vs the jets, as well as just a general vacation day with the family. With that there will be much eating out at restaurants, drinking beer and eating lots of [...]

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