Exploring the Cape Cod Rail Trail

Taking advantage of optimal weather while we were out on Cape Cod, Ellie and I set out to conquer the Cape Cod Rail Trail this past week. The rail trail is probably the single greatest feature of Cape Cod—aside from the miles of beautiful sandy beaches, of course. Nearly uninterrupted, this well-maintained paved path [...]

Successful Summer Vacay!

Hello! We are back from the beach and I thought I would do a mini photo-dump of the weekend. Every year since I was probaby four or five months old, my entire family heads out to Cape Cod for some quality family camping time. This year was no exception, and though we failed to secure [...]

The Smile-and-Nod in Buffalo

Buffalo is a very friendly city. I am confident making this deduction after having walked and/or run through a number of cities. People will start chatting with you while you're walking; they'll share stories and joke with you. Heck, even outside the city, Buffalove runs deep. One summer on Cape Cod, we were driving in [...]

Trail Running on Cape Cod

There is something about trail running that is inherently more fun than running on a sidewalk in a city.  Maybe it is something like getting in touch with our primal roots, bounding through the game trails, jumping from root to root . Or maybe it is just something different and the novelty of it was [...]

Vacations: My Annual Fall Off the Wagon

This post comes from my lovely wife, Ellie, who apparently snuck a lot of the caramel chewy bars when no one was looking. Enjoy! It's time for the annual trek to Cape Cod, and I am so excited to be spending this time with family and living it up the briny ocean air! Just like [...]

My Vacation Recap!

This year, Ellie and I were lucky enough to be able to take a few days off this past week and head to the ocean! Ever since I was literally four months old, my family has been reserving  a couple weeks to spend out on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. We camp in Nickerson State Park with many [...]

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