Why We Ditched the Boilermaker, and a Recap of Run 716!

Last time I wrote a blog post, I was covering our early stages of training leading up to the Boilermaker 2017. As many of you know, my entire family ended up transferring our bibs and registered our first (unofficial) DNS. Coming to the decision to drop out was not easy. The Boilermaker is one of [...]

Weigh-In Wednesday July 16th: Summer Polar Vortex!

Here at 2 Fat Nerds each Wednesday is a Weigh-In day, where all of the data from the previous week is collected, displayed, and analyzed. If anyone is interested in taking part in weekly tracking, leave a comment! Weight Loss Each week, members who have opted to have their weights publicly displayed for the world [...]

Oh Yeah, The Boilermaker Again.

There comes a moment before every race where you question your preparation, or lack thereof.  With the Boilermaker on Sunday, that moment just hit me again. When looking at the race map this morning, my co-worker pointed out a tree near the finish line, and asked if "that was the tree I died under last [...]

Greek Fest 5k 2014!

I was really holding off on doing this post until I had great photographic evidence, as well as official race times . . . but alas I do not (nor prolly will have) either of these things. So even still, I wanted to post a huge shout out to the work crew who raced on [...]

Buffalo Undy 5000 2014 Recap

This past Saturday my wife, parents and I all took part in the annual Buffalo Undy run. This was the second time we took part in this race, and I am happy to report that our times were successfully recorded this year! The day was a little ... well : We were absolutely soaked. Despite [...]

118th Boston Marathon

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the city is buzzing with pride as the 118th Boston Marathon has just begun. The much-anticipated race is finally here, and even though I’m watching the live stream from my office, it really is an exciting day to be in Boston. The months leading up to [...]

Looking Ahead to the B.A.A. Distance Medley

This post comes from 2FNS Member, Gracie!  About 2 months ago, Adrienne and I suffered some kind of temporary madness and signed up for this year’s B.A.A. Distance Medley. This annual race sponsored by the Boston Athletic Association includes a 5k in April, 10k in June, and finally the Half Marathon in October. I was [...]

2FNS 2014 Tentative Race Schedule

Quite a few people have been asking me what races we plan on doing this year, what the dates are and such and so forth. Today I want to lay out all of the potential races that have been kicked around, in case they are in your neighborhood and you would like to meet up [...]

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