Photo Based Old Forge Triathlon Recap

Rather than writing a detailed post, I thought I'd share our experiences via the photos taken by our amazing support team. Thanks Brooks, Adrienne, Ellie, Momma Bard, Momma Ohlson,Papa Ohlson and Tutu for heading up to Old Forge to watch us compete!

Bard Family Triathlon Practice

Saturday was the predetermined date of a practice triathlon for Dave, Mike, Suz, Dad, and I. We wanted a chance to practice all three legs of the race together, and Nickerson provided a great place to do so. After nearly four days of debate, we settled on our route, picked an approximate start time, and [...]

A Month Later: We’re Still Swimming

This post comes from my lovely wife Ellie, who wanted to share an update on her swimming progress. Enjoy! A little over a month ago, I wrote a post about relearning how to swim. I figured it would be good to give an update and assure everyone that neither of us had drowned yet. Jon [...]

Four Week Triathlon Review: Thin Tires Help!

Two weeks ago, I wrote a recap on our trainingĀ for the upcoming triathlon in August. I hadn't realized just how difficult, time-consuming, and exhausting training for all three aspects of the race in parallel would be. I am happy to report today that, two weeks later, it is still difficult, time-consuming, and exhausting. But it [...]

Dad Went Beast Mode.

So a week or so ago I wrote about the first two weeks of Triathlon training. Today, I wanted to show just how much work my Dad is putting into training for it. Some of you may have noticed him submitting quite a lot more workouts, and it is showing pretty clearly in monthly AFP [...]

Road Bikes: A Whole New World

First, I just want to wish a friend of ours a speedy recovery after a nasty spill he took this weekend during a triathlon race. I am so very glad he was wearing a helmet, and it just reinforces the need for everyone to wear them all the time, no matter how skilled you are. [...]

Two-Week Triathlon Review: This Is Not a Drill.

The night before Mother's Day, my siblings and I sat around my parents' dining room table. We were all taking part in a semi-serious game of chicken. The game was to see who would pull the trigger and register for a slightly-less-than-Olympic-distance triathlon. For whatever dumbass reason, I cackled my way over to the computer [...]

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