A Step By Step Guide to the 2FNs Tracking System

  1. Overview
  2. Registration and Logging In
  3. Home Page
  4. Submitting Workouts and Weight Measurements
  5. Understanding The Home Page
  6. Editing Workouts

1. Overview

2FNs has two parts. The primary site is a blog run by Jon, where each and every weekday new content is posted. The secondary site is an online tracking system where users can submit their workouts to be tracked, and graphed each Weigh-in Wednesday. This page is a guide to using the online tracking site.

To access the site:  Locate the "Tracking System" Menu option, and click on it. This will take you to http://tracking.bogmanners.com

Select Tracking System from the menu!

This will take you to the News page of the Tracking System.

Click on the Login! link, which will take you to the login page.

Once you've clicked the Login link, you will be taken to the login page.

You have the option to log in, or register if you haven't already created your account. If you need to register, click on the big link below the login form!

2. Registration and Logging In

Registration to the Tracking System is 100% free. All it requires is an email address... and technically it doesn't even need to be valid! Please use a password that is safe, and preferably one that you do not use on other websites. Safety is always a big concern, and I do take the extra steps to encrypt all passwords stored in the database. Every little bit helps though, and having one password for everything isn't a good idea.

3. Home Page

Upon successful registration and log in, you will be taken to a rather sad-looking home page. This is because you do not yet have any data in the system! Below is an image of what a populated account will look like!

Overview of what my home page looks like with data in it. Eventually your page will look like this too!

The key to many systems like this is to get data in! It is tough on developers to design content that displays both nothing and a ton of data in the same view,but I promise you the more data you have submitted, the more informative and helpful the system becomes.

4. Submitting Workouts

To submit a workout, click on the link in the Maintenance section. This will allow you to review all of the available workouts in the 2FNs system, and take you to the appropriate form.

Overview of all the available workout types

Clicking on the proper submission form will pull up an input form for you to submit your data to, an example of this form looks like the following:

Paced-Based Input Form

All of your workouts can be submitted via this setup. I am actively working to expand this section to allow for comments, additional workout types, mood indicators and many other features. Stay tuned!

To submit Weight, Follow the link on the Home Page and complete a form that looks like this:

Submitting your weight is a pretty quick form!

5. Understanding the Home Page

Heading back to the homepage, I wanted to touch on more of the features including the Calendar, Statistics and Graphs

The Calendar

Each and every one of your workouts and weigh-ins will be displayed in the calendar view. This will help show you visually what days of the week you are active, and also can help show what days you aren't active. For instance, my Calendar has traditionally shown that Friday's are not my strongest day. This really helps me learn and see trends in the data!

The Calendar view can take you to any month, or week view. It displays all data submitted to the system, and lets you see trends in your data. Saturday's really sucked in May!

The Home page also has a Statistics "Widget" with fun information like the total amount of time you have spent working out, the total distance you've covered and AFP stats like how much you've earned in the past seven days!

Also, included are a couple of graphs, tracking things like weight-loss, relative intensities of submitted workouts, and average paces. Many more graphs are on the way, for a more informative system.

6. Editing Workouts

Editing your past workouts in case of errors is also possible. Following the link on your Home Page will bring you to a very large table. Simply locate the workout that you want to edit, click update or delete, and fill in the proper details.

Editing your old workouts is easy! Just make sure to check all of the fields when you update!

I will be expanding this guide over the next few months as new features are added to the tracking system. Stay tuned for more!